Fishing Day!!

I know I sounded excited with that Title and it’s silly since we go just about every weekend.. However, I allowed my two sons to go instead of me a couple of weeks ago and then last week my husband actually went fishing with his buddy from work and I stayed home to work.. so technically, it’s been a hot minute since i have actually went. I love me some fishing, especially on a hot sunny day coming today.. Lord knows I need some sun on this skin..

So as you can see, if you read my previous blog, I stayed up all night. This is the second time in 6 months I have done that.. I am feeling fine and just ate some breakfast to keep me going.. we will see how long that last when I am done on the water. I am not a nap taker at all… but today may be a temptation. Fishing makes you tired anyway, so I may just have to sneak one later.. who knows. LOL..

My husband bought me a new ‘fishing shirt’ and it’s so comfortable and cute.. but I packed that tank top up so I can get that tan later. I see people wearing long sleeve shirts all the time in 90 degree weather.. and even though I understand why… I just could not do it.. at all. However, those people are probably on the water and outside alot more than I am so they may not be able to afford anymore sun on that skin.. but today.. I do! Just hoping it’s a good day catching… and even though we all hope that.. I truly mean it more today than usual. My husband has worked so hard these last few days.. building and creating new things for our boat and rigging up our poles for the certain kind of fishing we will be doing.. and has talked about nothing other than today. So for him and him only.. I pray we have a good catch. I love catching.. however, I love floating just as much. Catching a fish is exciting and fun.. but it goes as fast as it comes.. I usually just fish and stare at the water and relax.. oh! and take lots of pictures. I love the outdoors and I love capturing moments.. Being on the water is just a personal peace all itself..

SO I have our lunch packed, and I am dressed.. all i have to do now is brush my hair and throw a pony tail up into my cap… but we are leaving in 40 minutes so I better get with it and make sure everything is in order..

I will blog later about this day on the Lake.. hoping I can share some good pictures with you. 🙂 Have an amazing day, fishing or not.

Published by passionbydesign20

I'm that 48 year old momma of 3 adult children and 2 bonus teenagers along with the most amazing husband a girl could ask for. I am an Interior Decorator with an accounting background trying to build my Passion By Design business. Creating this blog is to connect with thoughts of daily situations on family and situations along with encouragement to others. Come follow me and let's build a friendship through this wonderful crazy life together.

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