Things That Make Your House Look Cheap!

No, I am not talking about money. ‘How much did you spend on that’. I am talking about style and little things that you can do with what you have right now!

Something as minute’ as pillow covers or shams with your inserts. Are they just blah? Is your inserts/pillows too small for the cover? The best pillow will look flar if it’s sitting inside a cover that is too big. Your pillow cover should be at least 2″ smaller than your insert. Push that baby in so you can fluff and detail it for your look. Go ahead… check it out. If you have a thin pillow in a sham that just needs volume? Take another thin pillow and stuff both of them in that sham. You have just created a full, fluff look that nobody will know other than you.

Little things: too much little things are just too much! Clutter! Clutter can cause an uneasy feeling when you are surrounded by it. You normally can’t be at peace in a chaotic environment. Take this practice. If you take your smaller things, your favorite things and place them in a large tray and still have more left over… you have too much. Don’t want to get rid of the extra? That’s ok! Put them somewhere you know they are still there… behind a cabinet or closet. Switch your items out over time for a new look. Just know that too much can cause a theme you wasn’t even going for. Just a thought in the design world.

Mass Production Art: Don’t! One of my personal pet peeves is having these products all over your home and the girl next door has the same thing! The same theme. Without getting into my own personal style… let me give you a Designer’s eye. Your home is yours! Not theirs. Not his, not hers! Yours! It’s not a store. Your home should reflect your background, your memories, your family, your moments. Mass Production Art isn’t that. Buying Art from artist is not only hard to find for your style, but it is an amazing placement in your home once you find what goes with your look. Plus you are supporting that artist along the way. Not only is it a conversational piece, but imagine if that small buisness artist makes it big time one day? Wouldn’t that be amazing to talk about? Remembering when. Find a source to find your piece. Ask me about mine and I will gladly hook you up with the most awesome local artist in the country. ( In my book ) It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to have a reason. You don’t want a home that looks like a doctor’s office, you want a personal piece you can call yours for a reason. Buy it or make it yourself. It’s so much more like home. Make it interesting. Make it interesting to talk about. That’s home.

Along the subject of making and or buying art, make sure your piece isn’t too small for your area. Your wall space, if you are buying a hanging piece. Usually what I have seen is people tend to add other pieces around the too small of a piece and that causes an overwhelming sense of non focus that you were going for to begin with. Case in point… buy or make the right size for said wall. Same goes for rugs, but that’s another subject. It just throws the whole room off.

Stay away from stuff that’s ‘too cute’. ( Not talking about Kid’s rooms ) This is specific to the item in general information. If it works, that’s fine just trying to give you fresh eyes. Too many little things is too much for your comfort of a good thing.

On a final note:

Don’t let clutter determine your style. Let’s talk about that. Before I go any further. Style and Themes are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!

Themes e.i. Farmhouse, Coastal… etc.. those! When it goes from style and look to theme… you’ve gone too far!! You like the beach? Take ideas from that but don’t have a seashell in every room ( unless you have a beach house) Why would want to see all that in every room of your home or make a shrine on a shelf of many? Why? It takes away from the style and turns your whole room into a theme. Back in the day… Themes were what we did… today’s design, not so much. We love and live style. We have homes that define us. If they don’t, let’s build that for you. Victorian is one of my favorite styles, but I choose that look as little as possible in one room without telling you that room is Victorian.. yet you can still ‘feel it’ when you walk in it. See where I am going with this???

Keep your style simple, not overwhelming. Try not to grab onto a Theme, develop a Style. They are not the same thing.

Want more tips? Want more tricks and ideas to bring your home into your style so that when you walk in, you can relax? Contact me and let’s talk more about how.

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I'm that 50 year old momma of 3 adult children and 2 bonus teenagers along with the most amazing husband a girl could ask for. I am an Interior Decorator with an accounting background trying to build my Passion By Design business. Creating this blog is to connect with thoughts of daily situations on family and situations along with encouragement to others. Come follow me and let's build a friendship through this wonderful crazy life together.

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