Details in Design

You think of details as a small thing in design, but they are not necessarily small things. When you walk into a room and think how beauiful it is, it’s not the big focal points, it’s the small stuff that you notice after being in the room over a matter of time… minutes even. As your eye goes aroung the room and you pick up these little things and the details, you realize that is what made that room more beautiful. The Design is in the Details.

Some may think otherwise or disagree, but if I were to pick one, it would be the details. The difference is in big time design in a home or someone who just wants a good enough design. There is good enough, better and best. How do you want your home to look or feel.. none of these three are the wrong way.

I went to a friends home for the first time a few weeks ago and went on a mini tour of her home. It was beautiful. When I walked into the kitchen and dining area it was comfortable and sheek. I loved it. Very practical and easy accented. Her huge living room was the same, very comfortable. I knew I loved the look, until I really loved the looks. She started telling me things about the small details that I never had seen before she showed me since it was a walk around and that is what sold me on her home. She had all the memories from her grandmother and mother that are no longer with us. Each piece, big or small had a story behind them from her family. Not only did she own ‘their’ stuff, without realizing it, she displayed everything perfectly. The more I walked around and looked, the more I seen that I would have never seen just walking into a beautiful space. My point to this teaching is I knew the home was beautiful, but just walking in and feeling that way, the small details is what made that place more and more beautiful, it was the longer I stayed and looked. The details were big and small, but they were still details that built that room, that built the feel and look of her life.

Let’s talk about the small detail on not only the look and the things that you see, let talk about our other scenes. Smell. Setting the tone to your atmosphere is vital in every aspect of the word. Candles, diffusers, wax melts.. etc. It matters! Have you ever walked into Hobby Lobby and instantly felt wonderful? That’s not just from the cool beautiful pieces they are selling and the way they display them… it is the smell. It’s homey and it matches what your eye can see. That’s marketing in their world, but it’s a true aspect in your home feels also. The look and the smell work together for the all around look and feel that makes a house your home. That is caused by small details in smell that create your world.

How about taking a painting or a piece of photography and placing them in an unexpected place? Like in a blank corner that would catch your eye without noticing it doing that. Placing a painting on an easel is fabulous to think or imagine that you are working on that piece in an unexpected spot. Wondering what others would think… they would love it without seeing it.. they see it still. Lamps do the same thing in this scenerio, it adds to the beautiful setting of your home. Displaying books, vases, feathers, lamps, mirrors, paintings, plants, etc on a bookcase adds drama to your look. Inexpensive lampshades to older lamps can change your home mood… you can always change them out over time. That’s not only a design secret, it’s fun also. Antique stores and thrift stores usually have the most unique lamps and mirrors you can pick up for near to nothing financially.

Fun places that you can always find something the next person does not have is again, thrift stores, garage sales, antique stores… places like that not only have one of a kind things, it also drives your imagination for your design mind for your home, no matter what room you are in. It keeps a place for you and your family while it amazes guest that come over and creates conversations that you would never had otherwise.

So go grab some small and large details to add to your home for your look… have fun… keep an open mind, learn names, learn authors, learn color pallets for your next investment for your decor in your home.. and of course, contact me for more tips and tricks for the secrets old designers didn’t want you to know. Yes… I’ve got hundreds more! Enjoy you.. enjoy your home. Don’t get overwhelmed and know it may not happen all at once! The cool part of that is you will never get bored with the ‘what’s next’ anymore!

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